Estimation & Marketing Division:

While maintaining the quality, safety and standards is considered an essential element in our organization, the estimation guarantees that the contents of project’s documents such as specifications, drawings and general requirements are comprehensively studied and respected to ensure presenting proper offers technically and commercially, providing continual benefits to the customers and at the same time ensuring a healthy turnover for the organization.

On the other hand, in order to enhance our reputation and expand our activities smoothly and firmly, our marketing strategy involves a careful scanning of customer, competitor, and target market analysis in addition to the evaluation of any other elements of the local market likely to impact success. As a key component of marketing strategy, we keep marketing in line with the company’s primary mission statement.

Technical Division:

We offer MEP engineering support services for all types of projects, through our in-house team of design engineers in Jeddah H.Q. as well as Riyadh office. Having centralized engineering resources in our strategic geographical locations enables us to provide effective support in close proximity to projects throughout the Kingdom. The Engineering Division enables us to offer a complete turn-key and coordinated design/build MEP package to clients and main contractors. Our HVAC, Electrical, plumbing, firefighting, refrigeration and facility management engineering divisions are furnished with professional & experienced engineers who have a passion for their work and are committed to provide excellent design and outstanding services. We employ various design software for mechanical and electrical load calculations and 3-D modeling that enables our company to be involved in BIM projects as they are becoming more prevalent in the region. We are capable of verifying and/or executing MEP design services, design improvement and value engineering for a variety of building types such as commercial, residential, offices, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, industrial plants and large manufacturing facilities. In all cases we have the knowledge and experience to ensure compliance with various international building codes and standards, provide the most cost-effective solutions to the client and ensure that good construction practices are employed with careful consideration of future maintenance requirements. Our engineers are capable of tackling large complex engineering challenges within tight deadlines. Our company strongly believes in continued professional development for all engineering staff and therefore we have knowledge and experience of the latest energy efficient technologies as well as experience in LEED and Smart Building Institute [SBI] certified projects.

Projects Division:

It is operated by a team of highly qualified projects managers, engineers and technicians, with a great passion of excellence in electromechanical installations and control systems through applying the latest technologies and techniques. Their goal is to pursue and oversee all processes of installation, commissioning and balancing, to the best interest of our clients, overcoming all challenges and meeting very tight execution schedules.

Procurement Division:

We consider procurement as a strategic tool that enables any organization to get a competitive edge in the marketplace. Our procurement division consists of competent engineers knowing the market and suppliers to achieve our goals for delivery and best prices. It is primarily related to cost control and project scheduling.

Contracts & Cost Control Division:

It is involved in developing and implementing policies and procedures for Contracts Management, administration and application of an effective Cost Control system. The team conducts an efficient and effective Cost Control allocation of Manpower and Equipment for each Project. It monitors, controls and forecasts the overall Cost trends of Projects in order to anticipate potential setbacks and provide productive solutions accordingly.

Human Resources Division:

Our HR team is composed of highly qualified and professional specialists, who exert their utmost efforts to smoothly orchestrate the works. We believe that good recruitment, selection, training, periodic evaluation and performance appraisal are the key issues for success.

Refrigeration Division:

We are specialized in designing and installing refrigeration systems as per customers’ requirements. Fully automatic control panels are supplied, designed and manufactured at high specifications to suit the client and operation’s requirements. Sharqawi offers a range of specialist SCADA systems to control and monitor plants, in addition to providing full spectrum of refrigeration engineering within the industrial and commercial market sectors.

We have considerable experiences in supplying and installing refrigeration equipment used in the following industries:

  • Logistic facility / Cold Storage / Distribution Centers
  • Frozen Food
  • Dairy Processing Factories
  • Frozen Food / Ice Cream
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Meat, Poultry and Vegetable Processing Factories
  • Hypermarkets
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Hotel & Leisure Industry

QHSE Division:

Health & Safety: It is the Company’s policy to have its all operations conducted in a way ensuring reasonably and practically the Health, Safety and Welfare of all its employees, subcontractors, site visitors and any other parties which may be affected by its actions/omissions. We believe there is no conflict between our requirements to keep our workforce and members of the public safe versus our long term financial success. Actually, the effective management of health and safety leads to fewer accidents involving injuries. Thus, we established HSE system that complies with EN ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007, for which we were certified in January 2016. To help creating an incident and injury free environment, a full time Health & Safety Manager and a team of dedicated safety professionals are employed to advise and assist the company in the implementation of procedures to meet its statutory obligations and the objectives set out in its HSE policy document.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance: We are committed to consistently & effectively work towards achieving its clients’ requirements by employing competent resources and rendering quality workmanship & products under a healthy and safe work environment. We established quality system that complies with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, for which we were certified in January 2016. The company’s Top Management has committed to develop and implement its Quality Management System in order to ensure that we remain client focused at all times, set quality objectives, measure, analyze and act upon the results in order to achieve continual improvement.

Sharqawi Company’s Steps for Quality Assurance Process:

  • Plan to improve
  • Design to include improvements and requirementsimprove
  • Manufacture with improvements
  • Reliability
  • Maintainability
  • Safety
  • Strength

Operations, Maintenance and FM Division:

We work in accordance with the highest international standards in terms of maintenance and operations. Maintenance Division is concerned with the cleaning and sterilizing of air ducts, in addition to applying Heresite coating in the treatment of condensing and evaporating coils, as a protective cover against rust and corrosion.

In 2012, we started to provide soft and hard services to our client. Today, it is more cost effective and manageable to delegate all services mentioned hereunder to one Facility Management (FM) Provider. This delegation allows clients’ Property Managers to receive reports permitting them to manage their internal “customers” and to use Sharqawi Management as an approved core contractor to carry out the works without interruption to their business.

Due to Sharqawi’s reasonable expertise and experience, one of the strengths we bring is the Planning and Management aspect of FM. In “contracting out” all support facilities under one FM Contract is not only cost effective due to national contracts discounts but it also brings together the co-ordinated planning of all site activities which in turn minimizes multiple access to the same area for different trades thereby reducing the encumbrance of our clients’ staff.

Some of Sharqawi’s soft services:

Manned Security, CCTV & Access Control
Handyperson, Mail Delivery & Window Cleaning
Lift Maintenance
Building Fabric, Painting & Joinery Maintenance
Waste Management & Disposal
Cleaning of High Level Windows
Landscapes & Gardening
Decapitalisation Surveys
Security & Cleaning

Some of Sharqawi’s hard services:

Resident Facilities Engineers (M&E)
Plant Refurbishment & Renewal
Internal & External Lighting Maintenance
24/7 Helpdesk & Callout Facilities